Founding The Design Lane


Bear René are the founding members of British interior design collective – The Design Lane. This select group of experienced interior design firms have joined together as The Design Lane to progress their businesses and to learn from each other, specialists and industry veterans.

By sharing best practices, and extending industry expertise, the group hope to create transparency throughout the interior design industry, allowing greater ease for new designers to emerge, as well as, making interior design accessible to a wider audience of clients.

Interior design firms in The Design Lane include:

  • Bear René (founding members)

  • Studio K

  • Henry Prideaux Interior Design

  • Tatty Bird

  • Salvesen Graham

  • Amber Design Group

  • Gordon-Duff & Linton

  • Studio Duggan

  • Fiona Squires

  • Frank & Faber

  • Tom Carey Design

  • Lissi London

  • Otta Design

  • My-Studio

  • Gallagher London

  • Studio Clark + Co

  • Taylor Howes

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